A relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada will appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the need to renew expenditures in the state budget for environmental protection measures and the exclusion zone management

On April 23, the Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management held a video conference with the participation of Sergii Kalashnyk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, and Roman Abramovsky, Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection.

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In Great Britain, experts from SAUEZM and Exclusion Zone enterprises presented Ukraine's experience in the field of radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel

During the International Civil Nuclear Showcase 2020 conference in London (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), experts from the SAUEZM and the Exclusion Zone enterprises presented Ukraine's experience in the field of radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel.

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SSE «CERWM» has successfully fulfilled the annual program for decontamination of the Exclusion zone territory

In 2019, State specialized enterprise «Central enterprise for radioactive waste management»successfully fulfilled the plan for elimination of trenches and bursts of points of temporary localization of radioactive waste and disposed 4750 m3 of radioactive waste at Buryakivka disposal point. These works were carried out under the budget program «Maintaining an environmentally safe state in the exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement».

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A search expedition refuted agricultural activity in the Exclusion zone

Immediately after the resonant statement of Land Relations Commissioner for the President of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko on cultivation of agricultural products on Chornobyl lands and satellite images, Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova initiated and organized a «search expedition» to the Exclusion zone for identification of signs of agricultural activity.

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In the Exclusion zone some preparations are made for the fire season

During a working trip to the Exclusion zone Acting Head of the State agency of Ukraine on Exclusion zone management Kateryna Pavlova together with the Heads of the SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha» inspected the creation of mineralized strips along the perimeter of the Exclusion zone in the Dytiatkiv Forestry and got acquainted with the general state of implementation of the complex of works for preparation for the fire season.

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