It is planned to create a museum-estate on the territory of the Chornobyl Reserv

The Chornobyl Reserve and the Non-Governmental Organization «Freedom Can Not be Stopped» have signed a Cooperation Agreement. It is planned that one of the main results of the partnership should be the creation of a museum-estate in the village of Otashiv, where many settlements lived densely. The basis of the museum will be household items, tools and equipment that the Poleshuks used in everyday life.

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Improvement cutting takes place in the exclusion zone

Since the beginning of 2020, SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha» has been carrying out improvement cutting on an area of 122 ha and clearing dangerous trees in the protection zones of power lines on an area of 2.1 ha. According to the management of SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha», the basis for the improvement cutting are approved, in the prescribed manner, forest
management materials for the period 2017-2026, which provide for improvement cutting on an area of 723.7 ha per year.

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Sergii Kalashnyk, Head of SAUEZM, during the INUDECO International Conference told about the main prospects for the development of the exclusion zone

Serhiy Kalashnyk, Head of SAUEZM, took part in the International Online Conference «Problems of Decommissioning of Nuclear Energy Facilities and Environmental Restoration» INUDECO 2020. The event is held to consider problems and prospects of cooperation and exchange of experience in decommissioning of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste and spent nucler fuel management.

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A relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada will appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the need to renew expenditures in the state budget for environmental protection measures and the exclusion zone management

On April 23, the Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management held a video conference with the participation of Sergii Kalashnyk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, and Roman Abramovsky, Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection.

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