A search expedition refuted agricultural activity in the Exclusion zone

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Immediately after the resonant statement of Land Relations Commissioner for the President of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko on cultivation of agricultural products on Chornobyl lands and satellite images, Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova initiated and organized a «search expedition» to the Exclusion zone for identification of signs of agricultural activity.

The expedition included such experts as: adviser to the Acting Head Oleg Nasvit, director of SSE «Ecocentre» Sergii Kireev, head of the Public Council under SAUEZM Alexander Sirota, and correspondent of the information online edition «Today»Igor Serov, who visited the Exclusion zone, in particular those locations, coordinates of which were indicated on photos of Roman Leshchenko.

The results of the expedition of the inspected sites have denied the existence of any agricultural activity to this date.

Thus, on the field near the village of Korogod, 15 km from Chornobyl, the traces of the wheels were noticed, but having studied their length, Sergii Kireev suggested that these are traces of the technical equipment, which was used during the 2015 fire overhaul. After all, no signs indicated the current conduct of agricultural activities in the area.

In addition, during the inspection, they examined the area of these fields with the help of a drone and found that most of the area was overgrown with weeds and pines of different height and age after the tracks had been left behind.

Including, the expert group checked the accuracy of information on agricultural activity in the fields near the dilapidated buildings of the administration of the former collective farm. There was also no indication of the use of these lands for economic purposes.

«I am grateful to the journalists and my colleagues who carry out their work professionally and promptly. This will help to establish effective communications and transparent coverage of activities in the Exclusion zone. SAUEZM will continue to help address urgent and socially important issues», -said the Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova.

Photo: Igor Serov.

References to the material about the detailed course of the «search expedition»in the Exclusion zone from the information online edition «Today».