ChNPP has obtained a certificate confirming readiness for NSC CS-1 operation

On December 5, Chornobyl NPP has obtained a certificate confirming its readiness for operation of the First Commissioning Stage (CS-1) of NSC.

This means that the CS-1 scope of work is fully completed. It includes designing and construction of the permanent NSC foundations, the main Arch structure together with the encasement and the main crane system, the general internal NSC configuration, the solid insulating coating of the sections inside NSC, the sites, as well as designing, manufacturing, construction (installation) and commissioning of the technological life support systems and NSC condition monitoring systems and external engineering networks to connect NSC life support systems to ChNPP systems.

In addition, within the CS-1 framework, construction and commissioning of a new ventilation stack of Chornobyl NPP second stage and old VS-2 dismantling was performed prior to the Arch sliding to the design position.

Individual and comprehensive tests of NSK systems and equipment were carried out in full, and 72 hours of pilot operation of the facility was performed.

This document is a key document for further procedures on the way to NSC commissioning completion.

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In connection with completion of construction and installation works within NSC CS-1 and after successful testing, on July 10, 2019 during the Donor Countries Assembly meeting at Chornobyl NPP, the «Deed of NSC CS-1 all facilities hand-over» from the Contractor (NOVARKA company) to the Employer (SSE ChNPP) was signed.

The Deed of NSC CS-1 Readiness for operation was signed on September 27, 2019. ChNPP departments are fully staffed by NSC operational and repair personnel, who have received theoretical and practical training and are allowed to work independently.

On November 11, 2019, SSE ChNPP submitted the application to the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine for the completed NSC CS-1 facility commissioning and the relevant certificate issuance.

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