Commencement of the Metal Decontamination Facility Operation

The pilot operation stage of the abrasive blasting metal decontamination facility has been started in the Chornobyl NPP Turbine Hall.

The complex was designed for decontamination of surfaces of the dismantled equipment with the compressed air and shot blast and will be used for reduction of waste produced at ChNPP as well as of areas for their storage.

«The facility represents a box divided into the contaminated and «clean» areas (before and after decontamination accordingly), where items are subject to shot blasting decontamination by pressure air supply, removing the upper layer and decontaminating the material», - says Oleksandr Titarchuk, Head of the Decommissioning Shop, commenting on the facility operation.

This is the most advanced technology up to date, as compared to the sand-blasting decontamination. In contrast with sand-blasting, the process is based on metal shot which is the end product and doesn’t require specific temperature conditions (such as heating). This method also allows to significantly reduce secondary waste production during decontamination.

Thanks to this, the enterprise is saving public costs and bringing the metal back to the economy.

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