Educational training at URTC (Ukrainian Radiological Training Center)

From November 09 to November 13, 2015 at Ukrainian radiological training center (URTC), within the framework of the Program for 2015, educational training coursed "Radiation Safety of Radioactive Waste Management" was held for the management and technical staff of State Corporation" Ukrainian State Association" Radon".

15 specialists of State Corporation" Ukrainian State Association" Radon"( from SSE "CEMRW"( State Specialized Enterprise "Central Enterprise of Management Radioactive Waste") and SSE "Dnipropetrovsk SISC( State Inter-regional Specialized Complex)", SSE "Kyiv SISC ", SSE "Lviv SISC" and SSE "Kharkiv SISC"), including SSE "CEMRW" CEO Valentin Melnychenko and Deputy Director Bilous V.I. have passed the training.

Following a successful passing computer testing and tests, students were awarded certificates.

It should be added that URTC’s training in the field of radioactive waste management for engineering and management personnel and staff Category "A", became regular since 2013.


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