Heads of SAUEZM and Slavutych have outlined joint plans for development of scientific and tourist destinations

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Among the main accents discussed during the meeting between the Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova and the mayor of Slavutych Yuri Fomichev were the development of common infrastructure, scientific and tourist potential.

«SAUEZM will contribute to the increase of overall activity and conservation of the human potential of adjacent territories to the Exclusion zone. Slavutich is one of such important places for Ukraine. The development of a joint scientific and tourist area and infrastructure will influence the creation of new jobs and pumping up local budget», - noted Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova.

One of the initiatives of the SAUEZM’s Acting Head was to set up a Non-Proliferation Center in Slavutych for participation of international representatives. The first two-week refresher course with a visit programme to the ChNPP site and other facilities of the Exclusion Zone, scheduled for August 2020.