It is planned to create a museum-estate on the territory of the Chornobyl Reserv

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The Chornobyl Reserve and the Non-Governmental Organization «Freedom Can Not be Stopped» have signed a Cooperation Agreement. It is planned that one of the main results of the partnership should be the creation of a museum-estate in the village of Otashiv, where many settlements lived densely. The basis of the museum will be household items, tools and equipment that the Poleshuks used in everyday life.

«If this initiative is successfully implemented, the museum-estate can become an interesting cultural, educational and tourist attraction, which will open the exclusion zone from another unique side - the historical one. This idea arose in view of the fact that the Chornobyl Reserve faces not only environmental, scientific research or environmental educational tasks, but also historical and cultural ones», - the Chornobyl Reserve reports.

The territory of the Reserve before the Chornobyl accident is a center of ancient traditions and customs of Polissya, which are partially preserved due to post-accident ethnographic expeditions and to some extent to self-settled people who, despite evacuation, returned to their homes in the late 80's - early 90's of the previous century. They also created their own cultural and household group, which deserves to be studied, preserved and popularized.

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