Japan is interested in Ukraine's experience in managing contaminated territories

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Representatives of the Law Institute of Kwansai-Gakuin University were welcomed at State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management to discuss issues related to the legal aspects of the management of contaminated territories.

Acting Head of the SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova noted that Ukraine and Japan are united by similar tragedies that occurred at the Chornobyl NPP and Fukushima-Daichi, and our task today is to share the experience and knowledge of the SAUEZM and the enterprises that are in the sphere of its management on the Law «On legal regime of the territory exposed to radioactive contamination in consequence of the Chornobyl disaster».

In his turn, Professor of the Law Institute of the University of Kwansai-Gakuin Kanbe Hidehiko, expressed his gratitude to the Ukrainian colleagues for their openness and readiness for dialogue. After all, the issue of management in contaminated territories is extremely acute for Japan, and the Ukrainian experience is important for developing and improving the legal basis for this problem.