On the meeting with foreign experts on the project "Support for radioactive waste management in Ukraine"

On November 25, 2015,  SSE "Kyiv SISС”, “USС Radon" ( Kyiv) organized the meeting with western experts involved in the project" Support for radioactive waste management in Ukraine ".

During the meeting were discussed the aspects of radioactive waste transportation from Specialized Enterprise to the complex  "Vector", and types of containers for the transportation of radioactive waste.

The international experts from «PLEJADES GmbH Independent Experts», namely the project director Zoran Drace and experts Lisa Hughes, Karl Molitor took part in the discussion.

The Ukrainian side of the meeting: Technical Director - Deputy General Director of “USС Radon" V. Perevoznyk, SSE "Kyiv SISС” managers and specialists.

The next meeting with all the recipients of the project SE “NNEC Energoatom "and USC Radon is scheduled for the third week of December 2015.

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