Participants of the Ukrainian-Japanese SATREPS project discussed annual results of cooperation and outlined directions for the following year

At a regular meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee of the Ukrainian-Japanese SATREPS project, annual cooperation results were discussed and directions for the following year were outlined. In particular, within the framework of the project the assessment results of the radioactive contamination of ecosystems in the drained sections of the ChNPP cooling reservoir, the dynamics of radionuclide migration by water were presented, as well as the legislative aspects of ensuring the effective management of the Exclusion zone.

«Accidents at the nuclear power plants combine Ukraine and Japan, both have had large environmental consequences, and we can overcome them only by joint efforts. The results of this project and the experience gained during its implementation will help to take the next steps to overcome the consequences of radiation exposure on the environment. The experience and knowledge of scientists create a scientific and research achievement that is of interest to the scientific community from around the world», - said the head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk during the opening of the meeting.

Among the priority areas of cooperation for the following year, the participants of the meeting identified the continuation of research in the previous directions, as well as the expansion of the radiation monitoring system of the environment by installing additional aspiration units, construction of observation wells.

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