Removal of radioactive waste from the Pisky-1 facility started in Ivankiv district

SSE «Radon Association» has started work on the direct removal of radioactive waste (RAW) from the decontamination waste disposal site Pisky-1 (WWTP) in Kyiv region. This project has been developed with the support of the European Union under the ISNF Program and is aimed at rehabilitation of Chornobyl RAW storage sites outside the Exclusion Zone.

Acting Head of SAUEZM Volodymyr Feshchenko notes that during the implementation of the international technical assistance project 47 disposal points for decontamination wastes located outside the Exclusion zone in Chernihiv, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions were analyzed. A technical solution the Pisky-1 was prepared as a pilot project since the facility was recognized as one of the 9 most potentially dangerous. Thanks to the efficient and coordinated work of the Ukrainian institutions (State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, Kyiv Regional State Administration), local authorities and EU support, the Kyiv Region is taking another step towards an environmentally friendly and safe environment.

«As of today, the site is fully prepared, and the necessary infrastructure and facilities of the physical protection system are placed on it. In compliance with the radiation safety requirements, as of November 11, 63508 kg of RAW were removed. They were loaded into 100 containers and their characterization was performed by measuring the spectrometric characteristics of the samples. Next week, the beginning of works on the transportation of radioactive waste to the point of RAW disposal «Buryakivka» of SSE «CERWM» located within the Exclusion zone», - said Director General of SSE «Radon Association» Igor Buksanchuk.

We would like to remind you that earlier within the framework of this project SSE «Radon Association» has received equipment for detailed characterization of DPSS and removed radioactive waste: mobile and portable equipment for radiological measurements, equipment for radioactive waste removal and transportation, as well as means of communication and individual protection. All the equipment has passed the acceptance tests, and the staff have completed the necessary training.


The DPSS Pisky-1 was in operation in 1987-1989, where the waste generated from decontamination works in neighboring villages (Pisky, Karpilovka, etc.) were disposed. The total area of radioactive waste disposal is estimated at 124 square meters. The waste containing Cs-137, Sr-90, Am-241 is stored here. The rehabilitation works for the site include, in particular, the removal of about 300 cubic meters of radioactive waste and associated soils, as well as their removal to the RWDP Buryakivka, located within the Exclusion zone, for the purpose of their final disposal.

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