SAUEZM and IAEA approved a cooperation plan for the current year

During the IAEA Technical Co-ordination Project Planning Meeting UKR / 9/038 «Assisting in the Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management», SAUEZM and International Agency experts approved the objectives, work plan and list of joint activities for 2019.

«This year we will continue our work together on improving Ukrainian legislation in the field of radioactive waste management, developing the new national program concept of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management and decommissioning of ChNPP power units No 1-3. Also, we are going to pay attention to the issue of choosing a place for the geological repository creation in Ukraine», – says Oleg Nasvit, First Deputy Head of SAUEZM.

Also, IAEA assistance directions for a new cycle of technical cooperation for 2020-2023 were discussed during the meeting. Future work will include radioactive waste management infrastructure improvement, continuation of the measures for the final ChNPP power units No 1-3 closure and conservation, radio-ecological monitoring conduction in the Exclusion Zone and radioactive waste characterization during its acceptance for disposal or long-term storage.

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