SAUEZM and NATO continue cooperation on elimination of «legacy» radioactive waste disposal sites

At a meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Integration Coordination Commission of Ukraine with the participation of NATO Deputy Secretary General Bettina Kadenbach, representatives of the Government of Ukraine and the NATO discussed the state and prospects of developing relations with NATO.

State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management is actively involved in the implementation of the plan for fulfilling the profile tasks of the Annual National Program under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission for 2020.

As Head of SAUEZM a. i. Volodymyr Feshchenko noted, the Agency has already had a positive experience of working with the NATO in order to improve the environmental situation in Ukraine. Thus, under the program of the NATO Trust Fund 2017, the Vakulenchuk «legacy» radioactive waste disposal site in Zhytomyr region, which was created as a result of the military programs of the former USSR, was eliminated. Currently, a second such project is underway - at the Tsybuleve facility in Kirovograd region - and a third project is planned in Delyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The implementation of such projects is not only a minimization of the negative impact on the environment, but also a significant contribution to the development of modern science.

«It is important for us to support a nation-wide course on Euro-Atlantic integration and to develop relations with the NATO. Such cooperation helps to improve the safety of Ukrainian radioactive waste facilities and minimize their risk in accordance with the NATO standards», - said Head of International Cooperation and Public Relations Department Kateryna Pavlova.

Such aspirations were reflected in the Annual National Program, according to which, «the implementation of projects under the NATO Trust Fund on re-disposal of radioactive waste resulting from the implementation of military programs of the former USSR will be ongoing until 2023». This will improve the overall environmental situation in the country and avoid the risks associated with the improper disposal of such type of waste.

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