SAUEZM, Narodychi Regional State Administration and Territorial Community will cooperate in order to return the lands of the district to the commercial use

The SAUEZM, the Narodychi Regional State Administration and Narodychi Territorial Community leadership signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Interaction in the field of the territories part returning, affected by the contamination after the Chornobyl accident, to commercial use. The ground for signing that Memorandum was the Narodychi community appeal to SAUEZM requesting to reconsider the status of the district lands, that were currently classified as the obligatory (unconditional) resettlement.

«For the agency activity the effective use of all available resources of exclusion and resettlement zones is the priority, therefore we will contribute the Narodychi community to the process of the returning the land to the commercial use, their economic and social revival. Today, together with Ukrainian and international experts within the framework of the British Government project iCLEAR, we develop the mechanism of the returning these lands based on their contamination level assessment», – said the Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk. Within the Memorandum framework, should be created certain conditions for the phased returning of the unconditional (mandatory) resettlement zone territory part to the Narodychi community, that is located on the territory of the Narodychi district and, currently, is not in the commercial uses.

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