Snow clearing in the exclusion zone

On January 11, 2016 four units of machinery were dispatched for clearing roads from snow and to sand pavement in the exclusion zone, namely: two combined road trucks and two tractors.

Roads were cleared according to following routes (in both directions):

Chernobyl town - "Dytiatky" check point - 50 km;
Chernobyl town - Pripyat town - 30 km;
Chernobyl town - "Paryshiv" check point (to the border with Belarus) - 44 km;
Chernobyl - BSRAW "Buryakivka" of SSE "CEMRW" - specially equipped surface storage of solid radioactive waste "Vektor" - 70 km.

On January 12, Department of construction services of SSE "Chornobyl Specialized" scheduled to clearing roads from snow on the route of: Chernobyl town - "Dibrova" check point - "Poliske" check point (in both directions) - 160 km.

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