SSE "CEMRW" continues disposal of radioactive waste

Works of State Specialized Enterprise "Central Enterprise for the Management of Radioactive Waste" (SSE "CEMRW") on disposal of radioactive waste at a specially equipped surface repository of solid radioactive waste “PC Vektor” (productions complex for decontamination, transportation, processing and disposal of radioactive waste) are being continued.

38 containers of radioactive waste (total volume of 8,13 м3) were delivered to “PC Vektor” from SSE "Kharkiv SISC" USС Radon on November 18, 2015. Radioactive waste include radionuclides of cesium-137 and tritium-3.
Transportation was carried out by means of specialized motor trucks of SSE "Kharkiv SISC", obtaining all necessary permits and sanitary licences.
Disposal of 34,16 м3 of radioactive waste was performed since the beginning of 2015.

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