State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management received the innovative software from the OSCE for the assessing the radioactive exposure doses received by forest firefighters during the fires extinction in the exclusion zone

On the eve of the Chornobyl nuclear accident anniversary, the OSCE will present the two-year project results on the natural disasters management in the Belarusian and Ukrainian forests.

On April 22, 2019 Kyiv - OSCE officially completed the cross-border project on the reaction system and fire prevention strengthening in the exclusion zone. Today, the project team presents to the SAUEZM, namely the SSE «Ecocenter», an innovative software for the assessing the radioactive exposure doses received by forest firefighters during the fires extinction in the exclusion zone. On the several indicators bases, introduced by the «North Pushcha» staff, specialists will be able to receive the operational information on hourly radiation doses, as well as the calculation of the maximum allowable staying time for one firefighter at the place of fire extinction.

According to Jeffrey Ehrlich, Senior Project Manager OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, working with that module will not only contribute to the strict observance of the current radiation safety standards, but also help to save the heroes’ health, who risks their lives for others' safety every day.

«OSCE pays special attention to the Chornobyl accident consequences mitigating and the forest fires prevention in the exclusion zone. Purchasing the equipment for early detection of fires, conducting the exercises for the coordination in the event of the cross-border fires improvement and the information work with the population - all of that are the components of the great collaboration with The State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus», - added Mr. Ehrlich.

«The specified module will allow radiation control specialists to calculate the received radiation dose efficiently and effectively. Correspondingly, it will influence the management decisions regarding the use of fires extinction tactics and strategies. OSCE support in that process contributes to the early monitoring system improvement and response to the forest fires in general, and for us it is very tangible», - reports The Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk.

It should be recalled that during the project, the OSCE facilitated the transfer of the quadcopter and modern communication equipment, necessary for the monitoring during the fire hazard period in the exclusion zone. In addition, national and international experts have analyzed the legislations and management systems, that regulated the forests protection from fires in the exclusion zone of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The recommendations, developed as a result of the analysis, became the basis for the cross-departmental cross-border cooperation plans updating between the two countries.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, The State Emergency Service of Ukraine, State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, Regional Management of The State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, State Specialized Enterprise «Northern Pushcha», State Nature Conservation Research and Development Institute «State Radiation and Ecological Reserve of Polissya», experts of the Global Fire Fighting Center and the Regional East European Fire Fighting Center, as well as other partners have made a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the project, financed by Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. The OSCE and other partners wait for further work on forest fire management in the exclusion zone in the framework of the subsequent projects.

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