Technical tour along the Pripyat river took place in the Exclusion zone

During a technical tour media representatives visited the Exclusion zone and got acquainted with the locations of future water routes. These routes will demonstrate the Exclusion zone from the new side - its unique nature.

The technical tour was initiated by the public unit "Association of Chornobyl Tour Operators".

Exclusion zone experts have developed maps of routes along the Pripyat and Uzh rivers within the Exclusion zone. Radiation status charts were created along the routes and it was determined that the dose of human external exposure during the stay on the route would be 0.001 mSv, which does not exceed the permitted levels for the population.

A draft order by SAUEZM is currently being developed, which will approve the procedure for visiting the Exclusion zone along these routes, and will create the necessary infrastructure (checkpoints and dosimetric monitoring points on the water, piers, etc.). Only after all security works are completed, routes will be open to visitors.

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