The Chornobyl Reserve received equipment for the ecological monitoring of flora and fauna

According to the project of the UNDP / GEF Small Grants Program, implemented by the public organization «Polissia Region», Chornobyl Radiation-Ecological Biosphere Reserve received the «DJI Mavic» quadcopter for the environmental monitoring of flora and fauna.

«The material and technical support of the Chornobyl Reserve will allow to carry out professionally all the tasks assigned to its employees. After all, our Reserve is the unique natural reservoir of the wildlife that develops according to its rules. Sincere thanks to the project coordinators for the support and equipment provided», - stressed Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk.

According to the Director of Reserve Oleksandr Galushchenko, the received equipment will significantly help the experts that work directly in the exclusion zone. After all, there are many places in the Reserve that are difficult to get, but you need to look around to understand the situation. And some locations require the constant monitoring for the emergencies, especially during the fire hazard.

Assistant of the Small Grants Program, Valentina Kyrychenko, handing over the equipment on behalf of the public organization «Polissia Region», expressed her hope for the further productive cooperation in the framework of new UNDP / GEF projects in the field of the outreach activity and biodiversity protection.

Background: The Small Grants Program (SGP) is a corporate program of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since 1992. In more than 125 countries, SGP promotes the implementation of the innovative solutions at the local level, development of the capacity and opportunity of the civil society organizations through the projects that promote the sustainable development of the local communities, with the particular attention to the indigenous peoples, women and youth. SGP supports more than 20,000 grant projects on the biodiversity conservation, mitigation and adaptation to the climate change, preventing the land degradation, protecting international waters and reducing the impact of the chemicals on livelihoods.

In Ukraine, SGP has been operating since 2009, supporting local initiatives on two landscapes: Kyiv and Zhytomyr Polessia and Steppe landscape with the cretaceous rocks. Currently, the program has successfully implemented more than 180 projects.

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