The Government continued reorganization of State Enterprise «Ukrainian State Association «Radon»

Today, as part of the reorganization of the State Corporation «Ukrainian State Association «Radon», the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the decision to reorganize this association.

The corporation reorganization process does not create any risks for safe radiation waste management system and does not stop the work of enterprises specializing in collecting, transporting, conditioning and storing radioactive waste from all state enterprises, including those located in ChNPP. In fact, this corporation was a superstructure created by the procedure that did not comply with the provisions of the Commercial Code, above the special enterprises, that performed all the work on radioactive waste management and did not have any licenses or permit in the area of the nuclear energy use, radioactive waste and sources of ionizing radiation management. Therefore, it is about the efficiency management improving of that industry, as the reorganization of the enterprises management structure will not only bring the organizational-legal structure into line, but also release the funds. It is about more than 50 million UAH annually. The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to transfer them to radioactive waste management infrastructure construction. As you know, last year the Government restored the targeted use of the State Fund for the radioactive waste management, thus resulted in the work completion on the construction of the 1st queue of the Vector complex in December 2018. That construction had been continuing more than 20 years. Also, the implementation of international projects at the ChNPP industrial site is completing now - construction of the NSC, ISF-2 and Centralized Storage of spent nuclear fuel. Reference: Ukrainian Republican Association «Radon» was formed by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on December 21, 1990, No. 377 «On the improvement of radioactive waste disposal cases». That decree identified the main tasks - the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of radioactive waste, sources of ionizing radiation, deactivation of uniform and personal protective equipment in the republic and defined areas of the service for six special enterprises.

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