The participation of SSE "CEMRW" in international projects

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A couple of meetings on international projects funded by the European Commission were held in November 2015.

A coordination meeting on the project "Concept of RAW disposal in Ukraine" was held at the Institute of Geological Sciences, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv city) on November 24, 2015.

Such objectives were discussed:

Objective 3: Analysis of possible disposal concepts, definitions and study of the best options for disposal of all radioactive waste in Ukraine; The general preliminary safety assessment of the proposed concepts (speaker - J.-M. Hurelbeke, ANDRA, France).
Objective 4: Definition of requirements for containers and packages with radioactive waste for transportation, storage and disposal (speaker - N.Solente, ANDRA, France)
Objective 5: Development of conceptual projects for RW disposal facilities, requirements for the proposed concepts implementation (speaker - J. M.Hurelbeke, ANDRA, France).
Objective 6: Development of general criteria for radioactive waste disposal concepts (speaker - N. Sour, ANDRA, France).
Objective 7: Development of the long-term implementation program for the proposed disposal concepts (speaker - H. ForstrŅ‘m, SKB International AB, Sweden).

In late November, a consortium prepared:

• recommendations as of concepts list for radioactive waste disposal in Ukraine;
• description of security basics;
• preliminary generalized safety analysis of the proposed concepts;
• preliminary estimated costs of the proposed concepts implementation in Ukraine;
• requirements for containers and packages with radioactive waste during transportation, storage and disposal;
• proposals as for the development of strategic plans, public programs, research and development programs aimed at introduction of the proposed concepts of radioactive waste disposal in Ukraine.

Work on the development of conceptual projects for RW disposal facilities that are necessary for the practical implementation of the proposed concepts has been begun.

A presentation was shown on the objective C2 "Optimization of national infrastructure for transportation and radioactive waste management" of the project "Optimization of the national infrastructure (transportation and technological scheme)" by representatives of Plejades GmbH H. Molitor and L. Hyuhs.

Director of the project V.Yu.Krone led the coordination meeting and technical Workshop.

On the same day technical Workshop on the objective 4.2 "Projects of containers and related state of waste for storage, transportation and disposal of radioactive waste" of the project "Concepts of RAW disposal in Ukraine."

Representatives of the SSE "CEMRW" took part in the meeting on the status of the project "Support of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine for radioactive waste management" at the office of Ryskaudyt  Company ( city of Kyiv) on November 26, 2015. Representatives of the European Commission, JSO, State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine, Ryskaudyt Company, SSTC and SSE "CEMRW" became participants of the meeting.