The radioactive waste management infrastructure is developing dynamically

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State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management is responsible for radioactive waste management at the final stage of nuclear fuel cycle. During recent years it has been actively working on formation of organizational and legal principles and creation of an infrastructure for radioactive waste management in Ukraine, - said the Head of the SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk during the International Conference «Ukrainian Nuclear Forum-2019».I

n recent years the Agency has taken significant steps to improve the state system of radioactive waste management and to improve the regulatory framework in this area. In particular, a draft bill was designed and passed in the first reading, which proposed to improve the classification of radioactive waste, and approved the procedure for using the funds from the State Fund for Radioactive Waste Management. The work on the National Program on Radioactive Waste Management, which is at the stage of development of the concept, is underway.

According to Vitaliш Petruk, this year, the process of optimization and reorganization of enterprises performing radwaste management has begun. There was a clear division into two directions: radioactive waste management in the Exclusion zone – responsible is SSE «CERWM», radioactive waste management outside the Exclusion zone - responsible is USC «Radon».

The purposeful work on updating the pool of containers, in particular, containers for transportation and storage of spent sources of ionizing radiation for a centralized storage of spent sources of ionizing radiation and packing kits for transportation and storage at special combines is continued. Also, during the implementation of the project of international technical assistance U4.01 11AB «Providing support for radioactive waste management at the industrial complex «Vector» in Ukraine» a design of a technological building for radwaste reprocessing was developed.

To establish a stable and sufficient mechanism for financing radioactive waste management, two Laws of Ukraine were adopted by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on July 11, 2017: «On Amendments to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine «On Radioactive Waste Management» with regard to improving the mechanism for financing radioactive waste management» and «On Amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine on Improvement of the mechanism for financial provision for radioactive waste management».

«Adoption of these laws allowed to restore the targeted use of funds from the State Fund for Radioactive Waste Management to create radioactive waste management infrastructure. Due to this, for the first time during the years of independence, using Ukrainian funds we managed to complete the construction of the 1st turn of the «Vector» complex, which includes 2 repositories for radioactive waste disposal, and the design documentation for the infrastructure necessary to adopt vitrified high-level waste from the Russian Federation was developed», - said Vitalii Petruk