The use of modern domestic equipment by the Central Analytical Laboratory

In the frames of cooperation on nuclear safety of European Union with the Ukrainian partner, the State Exclusion Zone Agency, successfully implemented a project to improve the infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the exclusion zone. Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) class II characterization of radioactive waste (RW) is in the center of measuring radiation environmental monitoring and radiation dosimetry control "Ecocenter" SSE "Chernobyl Specialized”. The project with the total cost is 6 million euros was made in two and a half years with Lithuanian contractor UAB «Lokmis».

Today CAL has 5 domestic equipment units that are acquired as part of the international project "Improvement of infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the Chernobyl exclusion zone", which is the funding source program. High level of accuracy is confirming their quality and competitiveness.

Gamma-spectrometric measuring complex with two paths – is a spectrometer based on two independent detectors made of very pure germanium. It is the main instrument of spectrometric measurements and can independently measure two samples simultaneously, while operation is carried out with a single computer. Its purpose - identification of radionuclides in the mix and determine the activity of gamma emitters. Its producer by Ukrainian company "AtomKompleksPrylad."

ElvaX ProSpector - roentgen -fluorescent handheld spectrometer is to determine the elemental composition of materials (alloys). The device is produced by Kyiv Scientific and Production Enterprise "Elvateh." It can work without power eight hours, one measurement takes 15-20 seconds. This device is most useful when identifying objects, such as a «historic» storage for the classification of scrap metal.

Hardness tester and strength meter of materials – used by CAL experts   to determine the mechanical properties of samples of radioactive waste and metals (barrels, packages, etc.). It is produced by Company "NOVOTEST."

Hardness tester - ultrasound control and measure the hardness of metals on the device Brinellya, Rockwell, Vickers as thin plates and large products. It can also be operated in temperatures below- 20, it can be used in the field - for example, examine the object directly at the load.

The strength meters - ultrasound equipment, designed to determine the cavities, cracks and defects in concrete monolith. As you know, storage operators have high requirements for manufacturers of RAW packaging management in the strength of the cemented waste. Since the presence of cracks and cavities increase the probability of violating the integrity of the matrix and the release of radionuclides outside packages and storage, their depth and number needed to minimize the manufacture of RAW packaging.

Unique domestic equipment provides significant opportunities. The laboratory can perform the functions of expertise as the governing body, as well as an independent expert and can be training and experimental platform for of radioactive wastes management.

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