Thermal imaging system was tested in the Exclusion Zone

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Within the framework of a pilot project on early detection of fires with the use of optical and thermal imaging positioning in the Exclusion zone testing was conducted.

According to the director of SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha» Roman Kizyun, the thermal imaging system was established under the agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha» and «Engineering-Analytics» company.

In particular, as part of the testing, controlled ignition centers were organized at various distances to test how quickly the thermal imaging system at the Chornobyl-2 facility would detect a fire. Also during the testing, the equipment was adjusted to increase the temperature.

«The positioning system is equipped with a 49x optical zoom and a thermal imaging camera that work together, and in case of detection of the center of temperature increase, allow the operator to visually see the ignition. The system is considered as a system of early detection of fires, and today we are convinced that the center of 1.5x * 1.5 meters at a distance of 5 km from the installation site of the camera, is enough to detect a fire at an early stage», - said the project manager of security systems of «Engineering-Analytics» Mykola Shevchenko.

After the temperature increase is recorded, an audible signal is sent to the control room.

According to Yevhen Kyryliuk, Deputy Head of the Forest Protection Department of the SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha», the thermal imaging system works even in conditions of heavy smoke, as well as in the dark, which will allow the operator to monitor the situation 24/7.

The temperature increase is recorded at a distance of up to 10 km.

According to the director of the SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha» Roman Kizyun, after completing all stages of testing and studying all the features of the system, a decision will be made on the possibility of installing such equipment in the exclusion zone.