URTC work

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In 2016 URTC plans to hold training courses both for radiologists and specialists in the field of radioactive waste management. Curricula and training programs on yearly basis are being developed, schedules of training courses, work to identify the needs of Interregional Specialized Complexes and other enterprises Ukrainian State Corporation "Radon" to improve skills of management staff, engineering technicians and category "A" staff. The need of training radiologists in the field of radiation monitoring network was determined.

Following the results of 2015, 79 professionals improved their skills and successfully qualified. Two scheduled courses of radiologists training with 72-hour program on "Methods of radio and radiation monitoring devices" and planned course on "Fundamentals of Radiology and radiation protection" were held in compliance with principal activity program.

29 experts of Ukrainian State Corporation "Radon" in the field of radioactive waste management passed training courses and received certification.

During 2015 educational and methodical work was running, the issues of computer certification system were developed and corrected, teachers accounted training manuals, produced kits of educational materials for students of the Centre. The publishing house "Atika" has published the textbook "Fundamentals of General Radiology", authored by teacher of the Centre, Doctor of Biological Sciences H.P. Perepelyatnykova.