Within the framework of the NATO Trust Fund project, «historical» RAW have been transported from the Tsybuleve site to the Exclusion Zone

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«Historical» radioactive waste retrieved from the Tsybuleve site in the Kirovohrad region were transported to the Exclusion Zone at «Buryakivka» radioactive waste disposal point.

«Close cooperation with NATO allows Ukraine to effectively implement projects on improvement of radiation safety, which is an integral part of Ukraine's environmental safety. Thanks to the support of the Fund, the second project for the re-disposal of «historical» radioactive waste in Ukraine is being successfully implemented. We hope that the provision of radiation safety will continue to be one of the important areas for support from our international partners», - said Sergii Kalashnyk, the Head of SAUEZM.

In particular, the major part of the «historical» radioactive waste has been packaged into containers and placed on a special site located on the territory of the radioactive waste disposal point «Buryakivka». In addition, low-level radioactive waste have been retrieved from the Tsybuleve site and transferred for disposal in a trench type storage facility at Buryakivka RWDP.

«In the process of implementation of this project, our company, in accordance with the requirements of legislation, permits and technical solutions approved by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, has developed the most optimal solution for the retrieval, transportation of waste and the creation of a special site for its disposal in the Exclusion Zone», - said Vitalii Demianiuk, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NT-Engineering, which is implementing this project.

Now the final stage of the project - restoration of the site to its original state - will begin at the Tsybuleve site.


The project «Liquidation of radioactive waste repository on the territory of military unit A-0981 of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Tsybuleve village, Kirovohrad region» is being implemented within the framework of the Implementation Agreement of Ukraine and NATO with the support of the NATO Trust Fund for radioactive waste disposal and is being managed by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The right to implement the full range of project activities is performed by NT-Engineering LLC, which operates on the basis of the contract with NATO.