Within the framework of the Ukraine-NATO project a special site for long-term storage of «historical» RAW was created in the Exclusion zone

To ensure safe storage of «historical»radioactive waste a special site for this type of waste was created at the «Buryakivka» RWDP located in the Exclusion Zone.

According to Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova, these works are carried out with the active assistance of the NATO Trust Fund and within the framework of a state integrated program for radioactive waste management and environmental protection, as an important component of Ukraine's national security system.

The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management has been designated as the responsible executor for the implementation of measures to minimize the consequences of activities related to the re-disposal of radioactive waste resulting from the implementation of military programs of the former USSR and the rehabilitation of the territory of radioactive waste storage facilities.

In particular, with the assistance of the NATO Trust Fund, a project on removal of radioactive waste from the «Vakulenchuk»repository in Zhytomyr oblast was successfully implemented in this area. All radioactive waste were removed and transported to specialized licensed repositories. Namely, for long-term storage at Kiev special combine, as well as for disposal at the «Buryakivka» RWDP located in the Exclusion zone.

As of today, the second project «Liquidation of a repository for radioactive waste stored at the «Tsibuleve» facility»in Kirovohrad oblast is in the implementation phase. The project is being carried out by «NT Engineering» LLC, which has received a required permit to process and transport radioactive waste from this facility.

«Effective implementation of the «Tsybuleve» project will reduce the social tension in the city of Dnipro, since at the start of the project it was planned to transport part of radioactive waste to be disposed of at a specialized combine in this city. Now, all the radioactive waste from this facility will be transported to specialized and licensed sites located in the Exclusion zone», -highlighted the Acting Head of SAUEZM Kateryna Pavlova.

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