Working visit of representatives of the Republic of Iraq Ministry of Science and Technology and experts of Lithuanian company «LOKMIS» to the exclusion zone.

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In the framework of the international project "Improvement of infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Phase II" Lithuanian company« LOKMIS », as a contractor, on July 1, 2015, delivered the equipment to the Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) class II on characterization of radioactive waste (RAW), which is part of the centre of measuring radiation- ecological and radiation-spectrometric monitoring "Ecocentre" of SSE "Chornobyl Specialized" and transferred mobile laboratory complex (MLC) to SSE "Central Enterprise for the Management of Radioactive Waste " (SSE " CEMRW").

The main purpose of CAL is to establish a cycle of Radioactive Waste Management in Ukraine by the independent evaluation of radioactive waste properties regarding their characterization and classification before the final deployment in cemeteries.

Equipment of CAL allows radiological field surveys of radioactive waste storages and sites and other radiation hazardous objects in the exclusion zone.
In the framework of the European Commission project "Providing help for radiochemical laboratory equipment and creation of a mobile radiochemical laboratory" from January 11 to 15 working visit of representatives of the Republic of Iraq Ministry of Science and Technology and a group of experts of Lithuanian company «LOKMIS» continues to the exclusion zone.

The aim of visit is familiarization with functional and analytical capabilities of CAL and MLC on radioactive waste management and sharing of experience on characterization of radioactive waste.

During the visit foreign delegation will meet experts of SSE "CEMRW", SSE "Chornobyl Specialized" and SSRI "Chornobyl Center" and visit the observation deck of "Shelter" Oblect.